PART I : Welcome
  • Welcome to JavaNIC
  • Policies and Service Guidelines

PART II: General Account Information

  • FTP
  • Email Account
  • CGI Email Form
  • Counter
  • Tips for CGI Script Installation
  • Real Audio
  • MySQL, Postgresql, PHP4, Telnet, Zip/Unzip files
  • Miva Empressa
  • Advance user section

PART III: FrontPage Tutorial (For Linux and Windows Account)

PART IV: Windows Configuration (For Windows Server Only)

  • FTP
  • POP Account
  • Database

PART V: JavaNIC Server and Software Configuration

Network Connection

  • Using redundant series Cisco routers, gigabit Ethernet, multiple backbone providers, and advanced monitoring software.

Linux & Windows Web Server Configuration

  • Intel Xeon
  • 32000 MB RAM
  • Power Backup

MS SQL + Email Server Configuration

  • Intel Xeon
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Power Backup

Linux Database Server + Email Server Configuration

  • Intel Xeon
  • 32000 MB RAM
  • Power Backup

Linux - Standart Software Configuration

WINDOWS Standart Software Configuration

  • Ms Windows Server Standard Edition
  • Ms IIS
  • Ms SQL Server
  • PHP

JavaNIC keeps on updating all necessary softwares to lastest full version.

Some Customers

If you have any questions please contact support.

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